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October 14, 2002

Friday's New York Sun had a good word to say for Hillary Clinton's support for war with Iraq, and I second the thought:

"In the case of Mrs. Clinton, we were struck, too, by her desire to preserve the powers of the presidency itself. The other day in this space, we remarked that Vice President Goreís failure to grasp this point marks him as a man of who belongs in the Congress more than in the executive branch. Mrs. Clinton, however, clearly has not made this error. 'I want this president, or any future president, to be in the strongest possible position to lead our country in the United Nations or in war,' quoth she. Her reference to 'any future president' can not be lost on anyone. To which we say, good for Mrs. Clinton. Itís nice to see at least one Democrat trying to protect the office for a future holder."

Translation: If Al Gore were half the man that Hillary is . . . and in all seriousness, I mean that with no disrespect to Mrs. Clinton. Of course, there are practical differences. Gore worries about satisfying the Left in the primaries and the Greens in the general election; Hillary can fairly claim (as Reagan once did to conservatives) to be such the complete embodiment of the movement as to be beyond criticism. Gore's out of office; Hillary represents New York State, which after September 11 is still an angry electorate. Gore, a Vietnam vet who supported the first Gulf War, plans to run against Bush and feels he can't afford to be a me-too; Hillary plans to run in 2008 (and not against an incumbent president Gore, either), recognizes that the war with Iraq will be long since won by then, and knows that it's more important to burnish her credentials as a potential commander-in-chief than to play to the Left (she can handle that by opposing whatever war we're fighting six years from now).

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