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November 25, 2002
BASEBALL: Pricey Bell

As I've mentioned before, I'm intrigued to see if, like his father before him, David Bell will be a better player in his 30s than in his 20s, and Bell does fit pretty well with the profile of guys who have shown unaccountable power development past 30 in recent years. Nonetheless, I can't shake the feeling that four years and $17 million for Bell is a sign that the Phillies don't really know what to do with their newfound commitment to spending money on free agents. Bell isn't a big improvement on Placido Polanco, although the Phils say that they intend to move Polanco to second and ditch Marlon Anderson (Bell can also play second). That makes the deal a little more sensible in the short run - Anderson's been just awful 3 of the past 4 years, and the one exception (2001), he was only so-so and only because he batted .293. Inasmuch as Philadelphia has suffered grievously in recent years from the failure to surround the team's talented core with decent role players rather than disasters like Anderson, Doug Glanville, Travis Lee and Ricky Blowtallico.

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