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November 14, 2002
BASEBALL: The Jerk Store Called

Slate carries a piece on why Barry Bonds chooses to be a jerk to get more media attention. I'm not sure I entirely buy the thesis - I think Bonds abuses reporters because it's a power trip, because he knows that the ruder he is to them, the more they will be forced to come back and ask for more. But it's an interesting argument. I agree, at least, that Bonds is probably smart enough to know that he could get the reporters to go away if he was just bland and full of cliches. Darryl Strawberry took this approach to new levels in about the 1984-86 period, when he would spout the SAME cliche in every interview ("I just want to live up to my potential and contribute to the team.") I think he probably memorized an index card Jay Horowitz gave him or something.

The other thing is, Bonds was not only a jerk but quotably a jerk as a young player with a chip on his shoulder, a guy with high expectations, a lot to prove, and most likely a grudge at some of the hard knocks his oft-traded dad took at the hands of the media. Some of his current stance may just be something he backed himself into as a loud-mouthed youngster, and he really appears to think he'd lose face if he got nice now.

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