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November 20, 2002
POLITICS: A Day At The Beach

Sometimes it's the little things that are telling:

"Everyone is sick of the election rehash, and sicker still of the Wellstone memorial story, but: one detail needs relating. Got it first hand the other day from someone who attended. As they were waiting for the event to begin, they noticed a big beach ball bouncing around the crowd, traveling up the stands and down, back, forth. A beach ball.

Who brings a beach ball to a memorial for a dead man? Can you imagine standing in the garage, keys in hand, patting your pockets for wallet and sunglasses, thinking have I forgotten anything for this somber event? Oh, right! An inflatable sphere the crowd can bat around for fun. It's not a memorial service without one.

I'm surprised no one dove from the stage after their eulogy, and surfed the crowd to the concession stand."

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