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November 6, 2002
POLITICS: Avoid The Void

Al Gore, with Barbara Walters, on what the 2002 elections mean:

I think it means that the Democrats have to be the loyal opposition in fact and not just in name. . . . Democrats should not mistake the magnitude of this loss, there has to be a major regrouping. . . . I mean taking a hard look at how we can talk about the real life concerns that families in this country are wrestling with every day and present a very forceful alternative, supporting the president when the president is right, but offering a constructive alternative and presenting it boldly when we think we have a better approach.

Well, Gore certainly seems to agree with pundits who think that the leadership void in the Democratic Party right now is an opportunity that's knocking on his door [Ed. - a void is knocking? Hello, mixed metaphor alert?][Hey, it's Al Gore's house, where else would voids hang out?] The real challenge will be the latter part - "offering a constructive alternative." Will the "New Al Gore" be able to articulate one? The "I have a secret plan to fix the economy" approach isn't selling too well these days.

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