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November 15, 2002
POLITICS: Cigarette Puritans

Peggy Noonan notes that famously tolerant liberals unveil their puritanical streak when it comes to smokers:

I think it is an insufficiently commented-upon irony that cigarette prohibition and the public shaming it entails is the work of modern liberals. They're supposed to be the ones who are nonjudgmental, who live and let live, but they approach smoking like Carry Nation with her ax. Conservatives on the other hand let you smoke. They acknowledge sin and accept imperfection. Also most of them are culturally inclined toward courtesy of the old-fashioned sort.

I hate, hate, hate smoking, and I think the cigarette companies brought a lot of their troubles on themselves over the years by their legal tactics and lies. But I tend to side with the pro-smoking forces on fights like the one Noonan cites, where Mayor Bloomberg is trying to drive smoking out of bars.

If Clinton had smoked that cigar, he would have been in more trouble . . .

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