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November 6, 2002
POLITICS: The Democrats' Syndromes

Byron York at NRO has the full story on why the Democrats' obsession with Florida 2000 led them down a blind alley. But there's a flip side to the likely demise of Terry McAuliffe: for all the bitterness, all the demagoguery and all the sleaze -- in fact, as a direct result of the bitterness, the demagoguery and the sleaze -- McAuliffe has been an incredible raiser of money. The Republicans always have a structural advantage in fundraising because they don't have to sell out their principles to particular special interests - Republican views of the general national interest are often quite congenial to big donors. Democrats, on the other hand, are always walking a tightrope between hating the rich (definition: everyone who makes over $50,000 a year) and needing their financial support. Without McAuliffe at the helm, that job will get harder.

PS: another NRO piece suggests that Hillary might be the bigger winner than Gore. I think this may be true, although Hillary appears to be wisely sitting out 2004, plotting for the more opportune moment. And she voted for war with Iraq.

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