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November 1, 2002
POLITICS/WAR: Mondale, Fisked

Man, Lileks is in the zone these days:

"I found the text of an upcoming Mondale ad. It accused Norm Coleman of giving public money to two companies that had laid off 750 workers last year.

Oh, that’s rich. Coleman did indeed lend public money to Lawson Software to lure them to build a big new office building in St. Paul - an $84 million loan made possible by tax-increment financing. I abhor outright gifts to companies just to convince them to build pretty buildings, but using TIF to revitalize downtown St. Paul is a defensible position. Reasonable people can argue about it. And when they’re tired of arguing about it, because it’s boring, they can chew on this:

Northwest Airlines received $230 million from the Federal Government in bailout money after 9/11.

Northwest has cut 10,000 jobs since 9/11.

Walter Mondale is on the Board of Directors of Northwest Airlines.

Oh: and Walter Mondale gets 24K in free airline travel a year from NWA.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MEANS? Mechanics, laid off! Flight attendants, laid off! Baggage handlers, sent into the snow and forced to sell matches to buy a withered beet for supper, while Mondale sits in first class and has steak and pays nothing! Nothing!"

It gets better, as he takes apart Mondale's speech:

"'Iraq is dangerous, but going it alone is dangerous, too.'

Here he equates a nuke-armed Saddam with the consequences of deposing Saddam without a hall pass from France. They’re both ”Dangerous.” The first part, yes. That’s dangerous. The second part is “Dangerous” in the sense that Michael Jackson was “Bad.”"

I'll be quiet here for a while (check back later to see if my latest Projo column gets posted today). Go read Lileks' whole column, there's lots more there.

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