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November 18, 2002
WAR: Fair Weather Warmongers

One of the New York Times' big crusades of late has been to bash Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and Pakistan, among others, to suggest (1) that the theory of war against Iraq is too broad because it leads us to conflict with all these other states or (2) that America is hypocritical for having friends like the Pakistanis and Saudis and then criticizing Iraq for the same things. Maureeen Dowd's latest, on Saudi Arabia, and Nicholas Kristof's solumn on Pakistan are classics of the genre. All I ask is, when the time comes to confront that North Koreans and the Saudis - and if we ever reach the point where we need to take a harder line with Islamabad - will these columnists still be in the trenches with us? I doubt it. Suddenly, all the "we can live with Saddam" cliches will be transmuted to the Saudis or whoever. In fact, the proof of Bush's sober approach and willingness to work with our allies is in the fact that he is taking on one fight at a time, and starting with the clearest case for international cooperation. Why is that so hard to understand?

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