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November 25, 2002
WAR: Moore Idiocy

According to this Washington Times report (link via OxBlog), self-parodist Michael Moore has stooped to blaming the victims of the September 11 hijackings:

The most breathtakingly idiotic segment of his show came toward the end, when he turned to the subject of the September 11 hijackings. Mr. Moore had already let us know that he had doubts as to whether Osama Bin Laden actually organized the attacks. If that were not bizarre enough, he went a step further. Brandishing a box-cutter, he wondered how the terrorists managed to subdue the passengers on the airliners using such modest weapons.

I would have thought the answer was obvious. Yet you can rely on Mr. Moore's fertile imagination to come up with a different response: The people on the airplanes allowed themselves to be intimidated because they belonged to a pampered, privileged class which had grown used to allowing other people to do the dirty work for them. What is more, Mr. Moore would have us believe that if the planes had been carrying 90 poor people or 90 black people or 90 skinheads, the outcome would have been very different. I am glad to report that even Mr. Moore's loyal audience fell silent at that point. There are, it seems, limits even to their gullibility.

UPDATE: Our good friend Larry points out that mocking Americans for being too soft and pampered to defend themselves is a particularly ridiculous argument coming from a guy who's promoting a movie that claims that Americans are too violent and trigger-happy and too in love with their guns: "The NRA, a target of Moore's idiocy, is the epitome of a group that believes, if necessary, people might have to do their own dirty work."

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