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November 4, 2002
WAR: Selective CAIRing

CAIR is targeting Jonah Goldberg again. This time, at least, once you click on the link (as opposed to the headline) they didn't quote him out of context (although this action alert repeats the quote-out-of-context on the whole nuking-Mecca-in-retaliation-for-a-nuclear-attack-on-an-American city flap from March). What the alert doesn't say is precisely what is wrong with defiling the corpses of terrorists. It's not as if they argue that Goldberg is calling people terrorists who aren't terrorists - there's nothing there to argue that point. The assumption seems to be that it's "incitement" to suggest that terrorists' corpses not be treated with reverence. Not all Muslims, by any means: just terrorists.

Hey, CAIR: it's a free country. You can exercise your freedom of speech here. C'mon, join the fray. Explain why terrorists who take civilian hostages and blow up innocent civilians deserve a decent burial.

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