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November 2, 2002
WAR: The Centers Of The Civilized World

Thought for the day: the most frustrating nations to deal with are those that have a self-image as the center, or natural leader, of the civilzed world (which can vary based on what you think defines civilzation). Obviously, the U.S. is one: Americans call their president, without irony, the "Leader of the Free World," and are justly proud of operating under the world's oldest continuous constitutional government, to say nothing of many other forms of world leadership. The Chinese are another - the "Middle Kingdom," vast in people, ancient in civilization. So, too, the French, who see themselves as the epitome of culture and who continue to judge all other nations by their adherence to French notions, which these days run to bureaucratic multilateralism; and the Saudis, who view themselves as the natural center of the Muslim world, its bithplace and home to its holiest shrines.

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