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December 12, 2002
BASEBALL: Six Degrees of Jesse Orosco

You knew it was coming: six degrees of separation from Cap Anson to Jesse Orosco! The "how old is Jesse Orosco" jokes just never get old. I mean, I remember when I was entering my teenage years and the Mets got good for the first time. Nearly all the young players on that team are gone now - but Jesse was a veteran already, and seen as over the hill when the Mets let him go after the 1987 season. I can reach the beginnings of my baseball memories to the late 70s and those awful, awful Mets teams - and Orosco was on those, too. After failing in his first shot in 1979, he went back to the minors for almost two years, a long time when you are an 8-year-old fan, so when he arrived on the scene again in 1981, my basic reaction was, "Jesse Orosco? Remember him? I thought he went away years ago."

That was 1981.

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