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January 3, 2003
WAR: Krauthammer on NK

Charles Krauthammer's column on North Korea ruined my day. If you're having a good day, wait until you are having a bad one, then read this. Krauthammer outlines well our problem in North Korea, and offers only a relatively unconvincing solution (giving nuclear weapons to the Japanese, assuming they would want them). Bush is right to downplay this crisis for the moment; this is another reason we need to get the war on Iraq done with, so we aren't hamstrung in dealing with the North Koreans by the need to placate 'allies' in the anti-Saddam coalition. Iraq is a more urgent problem only because we've already laid the groundwork to finish off Saddam's regime, and we should collect the payoff for that groundwork now, and turn to the next problem.

The core of the North Korea problem is China; there's little doubt that none of this would have happened if the Chinese were dead-set against it happening, and as in Iran in 1980, we are limited in how we respond to a rogue nation that borders on a hostile superpower.

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