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January 13, 2003
WAR: Out, Out, Damn Oil

Andrew Sullivan notes the cover of the latest issue of the German magazine Der Spiegel. I don't read German, but you don't need to to get this point. Here's a question: why is it that the people in Europe who love to yak on about "blood for oil" when Americans take on murderous dictators of oil-rich countries are the same people who will argue, often explicitly, that it is foolish to take sides with Israel for fear of offending . . . murderous dictators of oil-rich countries? I mean, who's really trading blood for oil here? If the Saudis, the Iraqis and the Iranians decided to re-enact the Holocaust -- and they mostly lack the means rather than the will to do so -- most of Europe would look the other way and keep on buying their oil. Hey, what's that on your hands? "Just oil, really, . . . but it won't come out, out, damn oil!"

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