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February 3, 2003
WAR: All One War

If you're wondering (1) what goes on in the narrow mind of an Islamofascist terrorist and (2) why Judge Young was so harsh in his words for Richard Reid at his sentencing, check out this Washington Post report from last Tuesday about Reid's defense:

Richard Reid's lawyers said Tuesday he didn't try to blow up a jetliner with explosives in his shoes because he hated the United States, but instead was trying to defend Islam from U.S. aggression. . . When he pleaded guilty in October, Reid said he was a member of the terrorist group al-Qaida and declared his hatred for the United States. But in their sentencing memo, Reid's lawyers say he did not do it to wage war against America. They say he "took no pleasure" in trying to blow up the plane, but did it to defend Islam, which he believes has been under attack by the United States. Reid, a British citizen who converted to Islam, claims in letters he wrote from prison that the United States, through sanctions on Iraq, is responsible for the deaths of 2 million Iraqi children.

What was that, again, about Saddam and the war on terror being two different things?

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