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February 10, 2003
WAR: Are We In Bed With The Mullahs?

This article suggests that the Bush Administration is offering aid to the Iranian mullahs to buy, at best, neutrality in the war with Iraq. Now, I can see threatening these guys to keep them sidelined, and I can't speak to the accuracy of the report. But if this isn't the apogee of "multilateral" lunacy, I don't know what is -- these are precisely the guys we should be targeting for destruction, along with Saddam, not trying to shoehorn them into a coalition. In fact, recent intelligence connects the Iranians directly to Al Qaeda, and now they are plotting to go nuclear (as with Iraq and North Korea, there is no economic reason why Iran would be interested in nuclear power). Any commitments made to get them to sit still while the world's most powerful military zeroes in on Iraq would be both unnecessary and incredibly short-sighted, as well as contrary to the stated policies of this administration in supporting the aspirations of the Iranian people to live in freedom.

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