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February 6, 2003
WAR: Case Closed, Again

I said this when Bush went to the UN in September but . . . case closed. Secretary Powell's closing argument was entirely compelling. It's still possible, for some, to continue to oppose the war on principle, if your principles put little or no value on the UN, the Iraqi people, or anything but the shortest-term interests of the United States and Iraq's neighbors, or if you just don't believe in war ever against anyone. But I don't see how anyone can possibly still say that the Administration "hasn't made the case," if they mean that a case could ever be made.

Powell's public turn from dove to hawk on this issue should give cover to any Democrats who want to play it safe and support the war now, while maintaining that they didn't roll over easily for Bush. The ones who are running for president and still want to sound grumpy about war to impress the peaceniks or to position themselves in case our nation stumbles (ahem, John Kerry) are in much bigger trouble -- Powell's a tough guy to take on, and the evidence is hard to argue with.

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