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February 12, 2003
WAR: Mark Steyn: The Right Wing News Interview

Right Wing News has an interview with Mark Steyn. (Link from Instapundit) Steyn on bin Laden still being dead:

It's also clear that the Bush Administration is in no great hurry to pronounce bin Laden dead: true, the Dems keep teasing them about the fact that he's still running around out there, but that's less of a problem than declaring him deceased and having Chirac, Schroder and the rest of the gang saying, "Congratulations, you got your man. War's over. Everybody go home."

And this:

To those cynical Europeans who say, "Oh, it's absurd to think Arabs can ever be functioning members of a democrat state", I'd say, in that case why are you allowing virtually unrestricted Muslim immigration into your own countries?

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