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February 3, 2003
WAR/BLOG: Chickenbloggers?

NZ Bear linked not long ago to a pro-war, but anti-war-blogger post by the Agonist, basically calling bloggers who support the war but won't bear arms in it "pathetic."

It's periodically helpful to remind us all of the costs of war, but one thing I take very serious issue with is the sense that we all blog in safety, far from violence and danger. I was four blocks from my office in the World Trade Center when I saw the second plane hit; I could easily have been inside, with my co-workers who escaped death by minutes. Everyone in New York saw more horrors than we care to recall. My city is still in the bullseye of every fanatic with access to chem/bio/nuke WMD. I want war now because I want peace later, and I want me and my children to live to see it. And I'm greatful for those who volunteer to the front lines.

Are we hypocrites, we who call for a war we will not fight? No more than we who call 911 but decline to wear the uniforms of the police and firefighters who rush to danger to save us. No more than we who send money (or vote to send others' tax money) to overseas charities, but decline to live in squalor and disease to tend to the neediest, or who attend churches but decline to live the calling of the religious, or who drive over bridges men died to build.

Nobody ever says the mayor can't tell the firefighters to run into burning buildings because he never did so himself. Some people take on more of life's risks than others; it's not fair, but it's the way of the world.

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