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March 13, 2003

I was watching last night's Mets-Dodgers game, and the announcers were already talking up the bad blood between Mike Piazza and Guillermo Mota when Mota threw at Piazza. Then he drilled him, and Piazza went into George Brett-Pine Tar mode. Absolutely berserk, eyes popping out, and squaring to punch out Mota. Most baseball fights, guys throw wild roundhouses; they don't know how to fight or don't mean to get into a serious fistfight (A major exception was Ray Knight, a former Golden Gloves boxer in his youth; Knight threw a real pro's punch at Eric Davis in the Mets' famous 1986 brawl, snapping Davis' head back like a punching bag). Piazza, though, was squared up like he meant business, and Mota, tall as he is, threw his glove and turned tail and ran. Nolan Ryan, he ain't. Mota fled all the way into the dugout to get away when Joe McEwing, Jeromy Burnitz and Ty Wigginton went after him, and wound up leaving the park early to avoid a further incident. McEwing got stomped on along the way, but if you're Joe McEwing and they throw at your team's biggest star, you do that. As the papers have noted, Mota and Piazza had one of these blow-ups last year; what I can't seem to locate, but seem to remember, is whether the Mets' feud with Mota goes back to his Expos days (you'll recall some of the epic battles between Turk Wendell and Vladimir Guerrero in recent years).

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