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March 6, 2003
WAR: Howard Stern at War

A friend who listens to Howard Stern notes that Stern had praise yesterday morning for Bush's foreign policy. Basically: (1) he's doing what needs to be done, and if you had half a brain, you could see that; (2) it fell into his lap because "previous presidents" didn't have the nerve to do anything about it; and (3) he's clearly not doing this just to be re-elected, since there's a big risk that events in North Korea and/or Iraq could result in him not being elected.

Guys like Stern can be pretty conservative on foreign policy and crime issues, much like a lot of non-political people, and as a result can be a good barometer of public opinion on that stuff. Just listen to this recent analysis on Slate:

The No. 1 morning radio show in most big cities has more listeners-way more-than The Tonight Show has viewers. And that morning show, in most cases, is a talk show. But it's not Rush or even Dr. Laura and her pinched morality. No, it's the guys liberals and conservatives alike deride as "shock jocks": frivolous, foul-mouthed, fabulously popular-Howard Stern, Chicago's Mancow, and their more overtly political cousins, Don Imus and the morning mayor of black America, Tom Joyner. . . . AM talk-Rush, Dr. Laura, Hannity-targets middle-aged white guys. Surprise: They tend to be conservative. But FM talk-Stern, Joyner, Mancow, Don and Mike in Washington, Tom Leykis in Los Angeles-scores with young men, guys who like their radio on the risqué side, with a bulging menu of sex jokes and a powerful message that this is America and you can do whatever you want. Hint to Democrats: You may not like to admit this, but these are your voters.
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