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March 4, 2003
WAR: Khalid Shaikh Muhammad

The capture of serial killer Khalid Shaikh Muhammad is rightly hailed as proof that the United States can, in fact, "walk and chew gum at the same time" in fighting Al Qaeda while preparing to invade Iraq, regardless of what you hear from Democratic politicians and lefty bloggers who claim that supporters of war with Iraq are "OBJECTIVELY PRO BIN-LADEN." Some people (like Ross Douthat and Mickey Kaus) have argued that we should not have publicized Muhammad's arrest, since the announcement gives terror operatives whose identities he (or his laptop) might reveal time to run for cover. But personally, I tend to see it another way: announcing his capture will make it harder to catch these guys, yes, but in the short run it should ruin their operational capacity -- which is more important, really. We know who they are, we'll find them eventually. In the meantime, they are back on their heels at just the moment when they'd love to strike us and may have been planning things.

Also, how completely tone-deaf to US and non-Arab opinion generally are these guys if they think it's a good idea to hit Pearl Harbor?

Finally, the NY Times points out that Muhammad's governing obsession is with Israel. More proof that the security of the U.S. and eradication of anti-Israel terrorism are really not separate issues.

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