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March 10, 2003
WAR: The North Korean Standoff

Steven den Beste continues to argue with regard to North Korea, as Michael Ledeen does in the case of Iran, that the regime is tottering on the edge and could implode if we make the right moves. Unlike Ledeen, who has extensive (if murky) sources in Iran, den Beste is working principally from an analysis of the regime's own behavior. Charles Krauthammer seems less optimistic, although he agrees with the basic strategy of trying to buy some time at least until the Iraq crisis has passed. Both theses, hinging on North Korea's need to create a sense of crisis to wrangle new concessions, are supported by the latest report of the test-firing of a missile at Japan. Of course, what's bizarre about the whole spectacle is the North Koreans repeatedly taking aggressive acts towards its neighbors, who -- locked in a sort of international battered-wife syndrome -- keep insisting that the North is no threat. As Krauthammer aptly notes, this is a rational strategy if their goal (much like that of our European 'friends') is to delay until the North is able to threaten the U.S. directly, in hopes that this will lessen the threat to its neighbors.

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