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April 3, 2003
LAW: Stooopid

I loved this story from some weeks back but couldn't find a subscription-free link; here's the summary. Two idiots in Marlborough, Mass. tried to sell drugs at a party packed with off-duty undercover cops. Here's the key quote from the story: "Our party-crasher might have been able to guess that he was among law enforcement had he taken time to study the picture of the Framingham SWAT team on the fridge. Or look at the sweatshirt worn by the host. It had the words Burlington Police Academy and a pair of handcuffs stitched on. Oblivious to these and other clues, Garland struck up a conversation with Gutwill, never knowing he was a police detective. One thing led to another, until Garland asked the detective if he wanted to get high."


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