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April 21, 2003
POLITICS: Gary Ha . . Haaah . .

Reading this blog entry is a good shorthand for why Gary Hart - even if he had stayed active in the public eye the last 15 years, which he hasn't - would be such a lousy presidential candidate: he spends too much time talking about how complicated and intricate everything is, and too little time explaining anything clearly. He's like Dukakis or the pre-1999 Gore this way. It's a combination of pedantry and self-satisfaction that's just toxic in presidential politics. Ask any litigator: your job in explaining things to people who haven't heard them explained before is to make everything as simple as possible - not dumbing it down, just stripping issues to their essence.

Unsuccessful candidates tell you they have a vision. Successful ones make you see it.

And do we really want a Leader of the Free World who has Hesiod on his blogroll?

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