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April 7, 2003
WAR: Kelly and Bloom

The news of the deaths of Michael Kelly and David Bloom have overshadowed the actual fighting a bit over the weekend; maybe it was just the fact that I was away from the TV. He'd never made an impression on me before the war, but Bloom had really become the face of the "embedded journalist" program, yelling off the top of a rolling tank with goggles on and sand in his hair.

I'm still stunned by the loss of Kelly, a guy whose columns I read pretty regularly; as you can see below, I'd posted a link to his last column just hours before the news of his death was announced. Jonah Goldberg hit the right note: "the fact that Kelly's death is so heartbreaking for many of us in the journalism business is a sobering reminder, for me at least, of the real pain caused by every death in this war." And there's Peggy Noonan's must-read, rapid-reaction obit from Friday; nobody writes a eulogy like Peggy Noonan.

One more, for nostalgia's sake: a link to a posting of the full text of Kelly's famous "I believe" column.

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