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April 3, 2003
WAR: Like Iraq

How's this for a vivid description of war? Remind me not to drive a pickup truck into battle any time soon:

Question: The U.S. Army, including the 3rd Infantry Division, has been using depleted-uranium ammunition against Iraqi troops. Have you witnessed this ammunition being used?

Synovitz: One of the most horrific images that I've seen here in the war was the results of 25-millimeter depleted-uranium ammunition fired at a Nissan pickup truck with six Iraqi regular-army soldiers that were driving it straight at a U.S. position. These Iraqi regular-army soldiers had RPGs and fired two of these rocket-propelled grenades at the U.S. positions, when a U.S. Bradley troop carrier using this depleted-uranium ammunition opened fire on it from about 30 to 35 meters away. If you can imagine what a human being looks like melting when being hit by this ammunition, there wasn't much left of these people other than the charred remains of their skeletons. And the people that took the brunt of the attack, even their skeletons had multiple fractures all over them. One Iraqi soldier who was out of the vehicle at the time about 15 meters back from the vehicle was killed just from the concussion of the blast.

(Link via The Command Post)

And here's a very cool picture of an American tank in action.

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