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April 3, 2003
WAR: Lileks Squared

A double-barreled dose of Lileks today. From the Backfence: "A few days into the war, an Iraqi official gathers all the Saddam impersonators into a room. 'All right, men: I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the boss is still alive, so you all have jobs. The bad news is that he lost a leg.'" From The Bleat: "[H]ow do you know a Ba’athist is lying? His mustache is moving. And we curse it!"

Read the whole thing. Lileks also asks why we haven't obliterated all of Saddam's presidential palaces. Sergeant Stryker has the answer: We're raiding them to get documents. This has been one of my perverse fears about the 'shock and awe' aerial bombardment: that we would wind up destroying a lot of evidence of Saddam's ties to unsavory groups like Al Qaeda and Hamas as well as to purportedly respectable folks like Jacques Chirac. Not that we should pull our punches for this purpose, but it could be a cost of the war. Good to see we are still looking out for some of this stuff.

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