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April 4, 2003
WAR: Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly's not taking chances on being called a 'chickenhawk.' He's easily the most prominent print journalist in the embed program (the star TV journos have not done as well; Geraldo and Peter Arnett will be lucky to reenter the US without being prosecuted for treason), and he's obviously traveling pretty close to the tip of the spear. Most guys give this sort of thing up once they've reached the status of magazine editor.

I'd bet he's working on, or planning, a book; his dispatches read like it. I'd pre-order it now, myself.

MID-DAY UPDATE: Man, did I speak too soon. They just announced that Kelly was killed in a Humvee accident, the first 'embedded' journalist to die in the war. He was really a great writer, and his loss will be felt. Here's Kelly, writing last October, on the 'chickenhawk' slur.

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