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May 12, 2003
POLITICS: Tax Cut Silence?

Matthew Yglesias asks why more conservative bloggers haven't rushed to defend Bush's tax cut plan. Leaving aside the obvious fact that he mostly cites self-identified libertarians, there's an obvious reason why many bloggers focus on war and legal and social issues rather than economics, which is that arguing about taxes and spending is awfully number-intensive. In the specific case of spending, it's easy enough to look at the aggregate numbers and see that the government is spending too much on the domestic side, and similarly to highlight press reports about the worst abuses. But wading through the budget to figure out exactly where the most money is wasted is exceptionally time-consuming work. Which is why most of us, even when we support tax cuts, are apt to focus our fire more on other issues.

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Methinks it's up to the folks who'll take their tax-cut checks and rush to the bank to endorse it to tell us why we're supposed to give them the nod on the moral compass in this case.

Dollars to donuts you'll get the usual "tax cuts is spending" routine, put forth by folks who usually have yet to pay any income tax.

Posted by: Ricky at May 12, 2003 9:40 PM
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