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June 10, 2003
BASEBALL: Number 299 . . . Number 299 . . .

Think Clemens has had problems getting to 300 wins? Well, I remember Gary Carter's odyssey to 300 homers in 1988: he needed 9 entering 1988, after hitting 32, 24, and 20 the prior 3 seasons. Carter started hot, with 7 homers through April 26, bringing him to 298 (number 298 was off Tom Glavine); but number 299 didn't come until May 16, and Carter, staying in the lineup most of the way, slogged through a dismal 3-month summer drought before cracking Number 300 on August 11 off Al Nipper at Wrigley Field. (In Carter's case, this was a sign of the end; he hit just 2 more homers in 1988, and never again reached 10 homers or 30 RBI in a season).

Mike's Baseball Rants has a better parallel: Early Wynn's long haul to 300 (among other things, he ended a season at 299). (It's the second item down at the moment; the direct link should be here, but !%^$^#! Blogger's permalinks are busted again).

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