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June 10, 2003
WAR: No Iraqaeda?

You know, the interesting thing about the NY Times' report that Al Qaeda captives deny working with Iraq is that they claim that bin Laden didn't want to work with Saddam, rather than the other way around. This hardly supports the "Saddam would never work with terrorists" school of thought.

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I know this is a very picky point but the Times' headline ("Captives Deny Qaeda Worked With Baghdad") doesn't sound right to me. Since when is Al Qaeda shortened to just "Qaeda"? I've seen this in a few places of late.

Is this short-hand, headline-writer sloppiness or a proper use of an Arabic name? Just curious because, as ever, others seem to be following the lead of the "paper of record."

Posted by: The Mad Hibernian at June 11, 2003 4:36 PM
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