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June 8, 2003
WAR: WMD Lies?

Neither of these is news, since Instapundit and others have linked to both, but this Robert Kagan op-ed in the Washington Post and Rich Lowry's recent syndicated column both point out the widespread nature of intelligence estimates showing that Saddam had biological and chemical weapons and was working on a nuclear program. These estimates were, to one extent or another, pushed or believed by the Clinton Administration, the Blair Government in England, the UN (including Hans Blix), the French and the Germans, and as Kagan points out, they were based in part on admissions dragged out of Saddam's own regime.

There are still serious unanswered questions about the quality of our intelligence, and I suppose it's a fair enough point to question whether the Bush Administration too often gave the benefit of the doubt to intelligence that possibly showed risks or that came from questionable sources. But remember:

1. That's a far less damning charge than inventing the whole thing.

2. More importantly: do the Democrats really want to run against Bush on the platform of "we need a president who will give the benefit of the doubt to complacency about threats to the U.S."? The Bush Administration, when given the chance, chose to connect the dots rather than run the risk of being catastrophically wrong. Given the nature of intelligence, sometimes those are the only available choices: believe, or disbelieve, and act accordingly. Who will say that it was wrong to choose to believe that the evidence we were getting was consistent with everything that the international community had learned over 12 years, when the alternative was believing in a regime that had never shown the slightest commitment to truth or human decency?

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