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June 12, 2003
WAR: Zimbab-bulb

A scathing editorial at about Zimbabwe's current government and its complete denial of the economic havoc it has wrought. As ridiculous and mean-spirited as the 'reparations' movement is in the United States, there's a fair question as to whether it would have been proper to order more extensive reparations in the 1860s, when slaves and slaveholders still walked the earth; I tend to think "yes."

But Zimbabwe offers a counter-example; granted, the draconian assaults on white landowners are based on group-responsibility theories for recent race discrimination, rather than individual responsibility for slaveholding, but the end result is a country careening deeper into famine, tyranny and desperation as the nation's most productive farms are destroyed.

Winds of Change.Net has lots more from Africa, via AfricaPundit and other sources.

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