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July 8, 2003
BASEBALL: Pick Your Poisons

Fran Healy tonight was moaning, after Jason Roach gave up a home run to Vinny Castilla that turned out to be the difference in the game, that Roach should have walked or pitched around Castilla, with a man on first and two out, to get to Shane Reynolds. I can't agree -- OK, Reynolds, once a decent hitter, is batting .034 and hasn't batted above .100 in three years (although he did single after Castilla's homer). But first of all, when you're rebuilding, what's the point of bringing along a young pitcher like Roach if you're afraid to find out if he can get out a washed-up hacker like Castilla? Second, why be afraid of Vinny at all? Sure, he'll hit one out now and then, but the guy came into the game sporting a .290 OBP and a .418 slugging average. Third, why not want Reynolds leading off the next inning -- not only is he a lousy hitter, but you'd rather the other manager have an excuse to leave the guy with the 6 ERA out there for one more crack at him.

Also some fun mind games with John Smoltz, who looked very unhappy to have to trim his white undershirt, which hung just slightly out from his short sleeve uniform. We've come a long way from Dazzy Vance bleaching his ragged white sweatshirt to pitch against a backdrop of Monday afternoon white laundry in Brooklyn . . .

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There was a mention of this sort of thing in Rob Neyer's interview with Larry Dierker on yesterday. Apparently Dierker never could convince Brad Ausmus that walking #8 hitters was a bad idea. It's a very good interview, and does a good job of promoting Dierker's new book - I definitely want to read it. (Oh, and why couldn't the Mets have hired Dierker instead of Art Howe?)

Posted by: Devin McCullen at July 9, 2003 9:46 AM
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