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August 15, 2003
BLOG/WAR: That Old Feeling

Major flashback to September 11 yesterday, as the lights went out and this time I was inside the building, and had to descend 24 floors to ground level (while wondering if another shoe was about to drop) and then repeat my September 11 experience of toting my briefcase through Midtown and Central Park before locating what may have been the last empty cab in the city. I wasn't taking any chances; the guy balked at leaving Manhattan, so I told him I'd give him $100 (for once, I had some cash on me) to get me to Queens. 2 1/2 hours later, I was home, grilling some burgers before they went bad.

We got power back this morning, but only just got the internet and TV back about 15 minutes ago (#^*!!@ Time Warner). Spent today at home doing some work; as with after September 11, I was calling in to a 1-800 hotline my firm set up to get status updates on when we'd be able to return to work. I would have preferred not to repeat the feeling.

If you want some good blogging on the blackout and its ramifications, check out Jane Galt and Mindles Dreck.

I'm here and then I'm gone, off on vacation. Blogging will resume some time Wednesday or Thursday.

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