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August 8, 2003
LAW: Now That's Foreign!

Via Professor Tung Yin, a hilarious parody of Justice Ginsburg's ode to foreign law:

[T]he Supreme Court today voted 6-3 to jettison the Constitution in favor of Sharia law, effective immediately.

"Once we decided that foreign attitudes towards the law were more important than the framers' intent, the decision was a natural," said Justice David Souter. "Islam is the fastest growing religion on the planet, so it was obvious which law system was the most popular, and thus the most correct."

Dissenting from the decision were Justices Scalia and Thomas, who were last seen drinking bourbon straight from the bottle in a local watering hole before it was shut down by the newly organized American Religious Authority. Justice Bader Ginsburg also dissented from the decision, saying "This isn't what I meant at....." before she was dragged from the building, beaten, forced into a burkha and imprisoned for general immorality, standing in judgement over men, and being a Jew.

* * *

Former Justice O'Connor, who arrived before the vote clad in a burkha, has since resigned from the Court and directed all questions regarding her vote to her husband, which is only natural and proper.

ScrappleFace has a similar thought.

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