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September 20, 2003
BLOG: The Inscrutable Cartoon

By the way, Mark Steyn answered a question I posed in this week's Mark's Mailbox:

Q: OK, I'm sure you've had this question before, but why is the online edition of your Spectator column invariably interrupted by a cartoon that has absolutely nothing to do with the column? Is this some abstruse form of British humor (excuse me, humour) that I don't get? Or is it just an attempt to replicate online the layout of the magazine, regardless of the sometimes jarring contrast between the cartoons and the subject matter?

PS. Of course - keep giving 'em hell.

MARK REPLIES: It doesnít always have nothing to do with the column. Sometimes itís a subtle attempt by the editors to undermine it.

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Have you ever noticed that British cartoons (with the exception of the much-missed Punch mag) are invariably awful? The ones in The Economist are especially lame.

Posted by: John Salmon at September 20, 2003 9:55 PM
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