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September 26, 2003
POLITICS: Crazy From the Heat

France revises the death toll from August's heat wave upward to 14,000. The methodology (counting as heat-related any number of deaths beyond the deaths in the same period the prior year) still seems a bit flimsy to me, but a spike of a few hundred over prior periods could be chance; a spike of 14,000 means that probably something over 10,000 is the real number actually caused by the heat.

This is a Bangladesh-size humanitarian disaster. Maybe we can get a benefit concert going to buy air conditioners for elderly Frenchpersons. Call it Cool-Aid.

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Perhaps these deaths, a result of the decay of family ties in France, will prompt the French to forgo the moral lectures they hurl in our direction, for at least a little while.

Yeah, right.

Posted by: John Salmon at September 26, 2003 1:38 PM
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