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October 6, 2003

Apparently, Tim Hudson's injury may have been initially suffered in a barroom brawl Friday night:

Three sources suggested Sunday that Hudson's injury might have stemmed from an alleged altercation on Friday night at Q, a Boston nightspot.

According to a security guard and a member of the bar staff, Hudson got into a skirmish with a Red Sox fan and threw several punches, including one that clipped a bartender.

"It was a big melee. He was throwing haymakers,'' said the security guard, who spoke on the condition his name not be used.

"Honest to God, he's 160 pounds and it took eight big guys to hold him back,'' the staff member said of Hudson. "It was five minutes of mayhem.''

Hudson was unavailable for comment about the alleged incident on Sunday night, and the manager of Q, Noel Gentelles, strongly denied that any clash had taken place.

"Tim and Barry (Zito) were both here, and they couldn't have been nicer,'' Gentelles said. "Barry even played with the band. There was no altercation.''

Now, going out for a beer or three in the middle of a playoff series is no crime, but this is just stupid, stupid, stupid. If the A's can't get past the Red Sox because of this, Hudson deserves all the grief he'll get.

(Link via Sons of Sam Horn)

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Come on, Crank. The story seems really dubious.

The owner of the club denies that there was a brawl and, in fact, denies that anything happened at all. If there had really been some sort of fight, you would expect the club owner to downplay it -- there was an argument but it was no big deal. That sort of thing. Instead, he denies the story on the record in very emphatic terms.

Weighed against that, the article quotes a couple of anonymous sources claiming that Hudson got in a brawl. Those same anonymous sources claim that it took eight guys to pull Hudson out of the fight. Even if you discount two for exaggeration, the idea that it took six guys to pull the 160lb Hudson out of the fight just sounds silly. A fight that big and nobody contacted the police?

And I can't believe a pitcher like Hudson would be throwing "haymakers" as these guys claim. Few pitchers are that stupid, especially on the eve of a playoff game.

Then, there's the fact that the story doesn't come out the next morning, but not until the following day, after Hudson comes out of the game due to injury.

It sounds to me like a couple of Red Sox fans wanted to try to claim credit for knocking Hudson out of the game.

Posted by: Andrew at October 6, 2003 1:12 PM

That's quite possible. I like Hudson, so I hope this doesn't pan out.

Posted by: The Crank at October 6, 2003 2:55 PM

Wish I had the link but the papers in Boston over the last several days have presented pretty convincing evidence that a fight broke out. There are disputing stories as to the cause of who started it most likely being a Boston fan, but there are a LOT of witnesses telling the papers the same story. Of course the owner wants to deny what happened: (a) doesn't help his liquor license issues of his bar is the scene of frequent altercations and (b) its in his business interest to run an establishment known to be "player friendly." Furthermore, Hudson admits that a dispute took place and that "pushing" was involved. Do the math.

As to whether it impacted his ability to pitch on Sunday, who knows. But the one thing is certain: a pitcher pitching in the playoffs against the Red Sox should never, never, never go out for a drink 2 nights before his start. What purported to happen is inevitable. This is a town where they flipped a few cars and had 7 people simply because they won a divisional series.

Posted by: Kiners Korner at October 8, 2003 12:52 PM
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