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October 1, 2003
BLOG: Traffic Report

As you can see, the digit counter says I passed 50,000 hits on Monday. I've been having some record traffic days lately, particularly the day David Pinto got linked to by Instapundit, which cascaded a bunch of people over here. Pinto, of course, has been my main source of steady traffic since the beginning here; besides my blogiversaries, I should be celebrating September 14 as the 1-year anniversary of getting a link from Baseball Musings.

From looking at the SiteMeter and HostMatters reports, it seems that my traffic is very much driven by three things:

1. Links to my posts. On days when someone links to a post, I get a disproportionate amount of traffic. This, of course, reminds me that traffic here is driven by people coming to read specific stuff, which keeps me honest.

2. Secondary traffic, like when someone who links to me gets a big link, usually an Instalanche.

3. Search engines. For example, my post on the new strike zone in 2002 gets a lot of incoming traffic because it appears prominently when you Google "boston sports guy". My post on sabermetrics and warbloggers is top of the list if you Google bill james sabermetrics. Some of that seems like random traffic, but if you came here looking for something and stuck with the site, all the better.

Of course, you'll notice that #1 and #3 are both much bigger sources of traffic ever since I moved to Movable Type, with its superior (and Googlable) archives and easier-to-permalink posts.

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