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October 3, 2003
SCIENCE: Breast Implants and Suicide

A series of studies suggest a link between breast implants and suicide, and MSNBC's writeup suggests that this could be problematic for the makers of silicone implants, who are trying to get FDA approval to get back on the market after waves of litigation based on junk science connecting silicone implants to everything but prostate cancer. Even this article concedes the obvious: this could just as easily be a case where, for many women, suicidal tendencies and the desire to get breast implants are both symptoms of the same set of problems: women who have seriously low self-esteem and/or are heavily dependent on other people (employers, husbands) who place and overemphasis on their looks.

What's frustrating is that the article is vague as to whether the studies involved only silicone implants and not other cosmetic implants.

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