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January 12, 2004
BASEBALL: Youneverknow

If you're just checking in, it's been a busy weekend here, with lots of posts by me and by the Mad Hibernian. Keep scrollin', and don't forget to check out my look at baseball's top 25 players according to Established Win Shares Levels.

If I can find a way to work it in, I'd still like to add an age adjustment to increase the all-in-one-number aspect of EWSL, but I'm still working on it. Which raises a related issue. You can never tell, when you write up a widely-read post, what will attract the most comment. The Baseball Primer crowd jumped all over my offhand skepticism about Albert Pujols' age. Well, I've seen a good deal of skepticism on that source in various places, but I'll freely admit I'm no expert on the subject. But Brian at Redbird Nation has done the homework and thinks that Pujols' claimed age of 24 really does stand up OK. Read the whole thing.

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