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January 10, 2004
BLOG: "They'd be microscopic Zionists"

Instapundit links to this predictable but nonetheless hilarious Lileks parody of an Islamist's reaction to the Mars landing. Key excerpt:

Which would make you more proud? Coming up with cunning ways to blow up men, women and children on airplanes, or putting rockets on other planets?

(Thoughtful silence) "This planet, it is an infidel planet?"

Depends if there is life there, I guess. That's what the probe is meant to find out.

"So the probe could discover Zionest infidels on another planet."

They'd be microscopic Zionists.

"But infidels nevertheless!"

Most probably.

"So! This robot you send -- when it finds these deviously small Zionists, it blows itself up! Correct?"

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