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January 19, 2004
POLITICS: And Then There Were Five Four

Dick Gephardt conceded with class and decency tonight; Gephardt drives me nuts for a lot of reasons, but I have to believe that he is, at heart, a decent guy. Next on the hot seat is Howard Dean, who now must win New Hampshire. What will be most interesting in the tracking polls in NH is whether Kerry's support revives: he was hemmorhaging support so badly in recent months that it was starting to look like his supporters were giving him up for dead. Given the chance to reconsider that view, will they?

Of the remaining five, the one who looks weakest is Joe Lieberman, who's seemed liberated lately by the sense that he's running now as a message candidate - no endorsements from the party heavyweights, given little respect by the media, he's just plowing ahead, trying to turn his party back to where it was just 4 years ago. I get the sense in his renewed attacks on Dean that he now believes that his campaign will accomplish something even if he loses. As he inevitably will.

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