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January 29, 2004
POLITICS: Campaign Links

1. A look back at Will Saletan's definitive take on why John Kerry was such a brave soldier and such a timid politician.

2. FOX News reports that Ted Kennedy is leaning on the unions to switch from Dean to Kerry.

3. For now, at least, President Bush is polling well in California. If Bush can even be competitive in California in the fall, that means two things: the Democrats have to expend valuable resources there, and Bush is probably doing even better elsewhere. But I'll believe this is real when I see it hold up over more time (FOX quotes a Democratic consultant attributing this to the Arnold-honeymoon effect). I remain skeptical (as I noted here and here) about California going Republican all of a sudden.

4. Noam Scheiber's thoughts on why a quick Kerry victory could leave the Democrats with a weak and untested nominee.

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