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February 3, 2004
POLITICS: Sabotaging Bush?

Mac Thomason called this one first, and now The Wall Street Journal's John Fund is speculating about deposed Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore making a third-party challenge to President Bush from the right. (Link via Howard Bashman). I'm skeptical that that would happen, or that Moore would find sources of financing for such a run; Bush has been pretty strong on social issues.

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Bush has NOT been that strong on social issues. He fights the cultural war on its frindges, for example, he only implicitly supports a gay marriage amendment. Where was Bush on other cultural issues like this Moore thing, plus weren't we supposed to have a court system stocked with pro-lifers by now. Moore has political room and can raise enough money ($3,000,000) to make a decent run for the right. And besides if there is one thing we know about Roy Moore it is his obsession with publicity.

Posted by: andrew at February 4, 2004 3:31 AM
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