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March 3, 2004
BASEBALL: Steroids and Deniability

Via David Pinto, I found the link to this fascinating Eric McErlain analysis from 2002 arguing that many nutritional supplements may contain steroids, and that this could present real enforcement problems for baseball if players didn't actually know that they were taking them (or conveniently find themselves able to claim so). My summary doesn't do this justice; go read the whole thing.

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Now that Congress is speaking loudly and clearly about the dangers of
steroid use AND the setting of examples for the youth of our great nation,
I think it is time they take the bull by the horns and become the paragons
of virtue they want the rest of us to become.

I the past decade we have seen Congress act to ensure that public safety
is protected by demanding drug testing for people in the transportation
industry. Who could complain about that? None of us want to be sitting
the cabin of 747 with a pilot who is peaking on acid, smoking pot or
taking a drink. Pilots, ship captains and truck drivers, while doing
their profession, could do serious damage to the life and limb of their
fellow citizens. We want them to have clear heads when they make
decisions that affect others.

I think it is time that we take this concern to the next logical step.
Congress and the courts. Who wants a congressman who has come back from a
four martini lunch to make a decision that could affect all of America?
Who wants a senator that may have had a puff of marijuana last week to
make decisions on our life? Who wants a judge that is about to pass
sentence (sometime a life and death decision) on one of its fellow
citizens to be a ‘little tipsy’?

The solutions are easy. I’d start with a breathalyzer that all members of
congress must blow into to get into the hall of Congress. It would be
their key to the door. Above .04, you can’t come in. Random drug
testing for other dangerous substances is something else that should be
instituted in Congress and the courts.

Citizens unite! Start your own referendums because you know the lawmakers
do not believe what is good for the goose is good for the gander, so to

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