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March 27, 2004
BLOG: Why One Blog?

Rich Ceccarelli, who runs the Pearly Gates Angels blog and Neo Conservative Daily, a political blog, explains why he (like Mac Thomason and Jason Steffens) runs two blogs:

I know that many bloggers mix baseball and politics (most notably Baseball Crank), but I feel that it is wrong in some way to do so. Most people go to Pearly Gates for Angels news and opinion, and not to be preached at. I want to respect their right not to be bombarded with political opinions that they don't necessarily share. I know that it really annoys me when I'm looking at a Red Sox blog and I see nothing but left-wing rhetoric and petty name-calling.

I'm very sympathetic to this argument, which is why I've tried to make it as easy as possible for readers of this site to bypass the non-baseball content. Frankly, I run one blog rather than two partly for my own convenience and partly because - well, sometimes I feel like writing about one topic and sometimes another. Combining my various interests on a single blog ensures that there will be more regular content here.

If you can't stand my politics, you're certainly still welcome here - you can read the political stuff and bicker with it, or you can ignore it and skip to the baseball. Either way, I hope you enjoy your stay and come again. Play ball!

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I think blogs represent what the person who owns it is interested in. Like a friend who you get together for a drink with - you're never sure what topic of conversation will come up. Sure you probably talk about sports mostly with your friends but how would you feel if your friend said "hey - I only want to speak baseball with you"?

(Plus - you're right - I can't imagine trying to maintain two seperate blogs. That would be a major PIA.)

Posted by: chris at March 27, 2004 3:22 PM

I like them mix. It's hard to do a multi-topic blog well, but you do.

Posted by: Andy at March 27, 2004 8:16 PM
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